For Nannies

Hello Nannies! Thank you for visiting our Nanny-Land Kingdom!
If you are interested in becoming a Nanny-Land Nanny,
this page is here to tell you about that process.

Below you will find all the exciting information you will need to get into
our Kingdom & to start working with Nanny-Land Families today!

Hiring now in all Nanny-Land locations for Part-Time, flexible hours that work around your Full Time Schedule!

The Adventure

About Our Adventurous Families & Their Needs:


Our services cater to Families looking to take a Disney Adventure to any of the worldwide Disney Resorts or Parks. We at Nanny-Land are here to provide them the luxury service of having an in Park Nanny! And that is where you come in!


We are seeking top Professionals for this Specialty Work. A Nanny-Land Nanny will accompany a Family on their Magical Adventure & help them in every way possible with their trip & their child(ren).

We feel it is important for Nannies to keep in mind: this is not your vacation. Although this work can be rewarding & in a way “fun”, please remember that this is still work, for you, the Nanny. Exciting work! But work, none the less. You are to remain a Professional at all times. You are to be mindful of the needs of the child(ren) in your care, & you are to be helpful to the Family in all ways possible. They are hiring you to provide a unique service & to help their Adventure be as enjoyable, fun, rememberable, & exciting as possible, all while lower the stress of a Magical Adventure the best you can!


Qualify As A Nanny

All of our Nannies are seasoned in this specialty work.

Nannies within our Kingdom must have the following as their minimum qualifications:

  • 3+ years of Professional Childcare experience: This is Professional Childcare work you have done in the past, post age 18.

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Legal to work in your current country

  • Live within (roughly) 60 miles of any Disney location

  • Disney Resort or Park experience: This is any past experiences visiting ANY of the worldwide Disney Resorts or Parks with or without a Nanny Family.

  • Must love Dumbo: You must have an admiration & undying love for Dumbo.

If you meet the minimum requirements above, then you can be considered as a Nanny-Land Nanny!


About Our Screening Process

Below are the steps you need to take to get into our

Kingdom & begin helping Nanny-Land Families:

  •  Begin by filling out The Enchanted Application (Red Button Above).

  • After you fill out the Enchanted Application, if you meet our requirements, a Placement Princess will schedule your Crown Consult (Zoom Interview).

  • Once screened, should we decide to hire you, you will then receive an offer letter in an email welcoming you into our Kingdom!

  • Shortly after accepting, you will get your Princess Pack in the mail with your Nanny-Land T-Shirt, Nanny-Land Business Cards, your Charm Bracelet or Lanyard, & an array of other goodies!

  • After you successfully complete a Magical Adventure with a Family, we add this Adventure to your Magic Carpet Memo (a record of all your Adventures) as well as your Princess Portfolio.

  • For each Adventure you complete, you will get a new Nanny-Land Charm in the mail (or pin) for your Charm Bracelet (or Lanyard).


What are the Charm Bracelets & Lanyards For?

Charm Bracelet or Lanyard:

In your Princess Pack, when hired by Nanny-Land, you will get some extra items:

a Nanny-Land Charm Bracelet & your first Nanny- Land Charm or a Nanny-Land Lanyard & first pin!

These Charm Bracelets or Lanyards will give Families a visual idea of how many Nanny-Land Adventures you have helped with.

Each Adventure you go on, you will get a new Charm or Pin to add to your Bracelet or Lanyard to showcase to future Families.

We ask that you always wear this Bracelet or Lanyard while on the clock & working with a Nanny-Land Family for all to see!

*You are responsible for this valuable Bracelet or Lanyard & all of it’s Charms/Pins, & will be required to financially replace it if damaged or lost.