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Your Adventure!

Are you heading to The Happiest Place on Earth?!

We are here to help make your Magical Adventure as memorable as possible! Part of that Magic, is help with your children!

What a better way to help, than provide you with a Nanny-Land Nanny!

Within our Nanny-Land Kingdom, we have Professional, Seasoned, Trained, Happy Nannies that are waiting to help you with your children on your next Magical Adventure. Bringing a Nanny with you is beneficial in numerous ways (see our FAQ page for more info), but likely the most popular reason a Family takes a Nanny along is because then your

Vacation becomes the best of both worlds:

You now have a Family Vacation with your children & treasured Family time, as well as wonderful opportunities to still have alone time or adult time!

As stressful & time consuming your Adventure plans can be, we at Nanny-Land want to ease that stress by taking on this task of finding, screening, & training your Nanny for you. Below you will find information about this process, more about our Charming Nannies, & the multiple services that we offer! After reviewing the pages of this Website, please reach out to us via email to book your Magical Nanny. Your Personal Placement Princess will answer any questions you have, tell you more about our process, & get your registered in our Royal Registry!


About Our Nannies

All of our Nannies are seasoned in this specialty work.

Nannies within our Kingdom must have the following as their minimum qualifications:

  • 3+ years of Professional Childcare experience: This is Professional Childcare work they have done in the past, post age 18.

  • Nanny-Land Academy Graduate: All of our Nannies must pass our Nanny-Land Academy Quiz which covers child safety, Disney Navigation, emergency procedures, behavior techniques, & more!

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Disney Resort or Park experience: This is any past experiences visiting ANY of the worldwide Disney Resorts or Parks.

  • Must love Dumbo: All of our Nannies have an admiration & undying love for Dumbo.


About Our Screening Process

Nannies are heavily interviewed by a Placement Princess!

We get to know the Nanny both Professionally & Personally

  • We conduct a Background Check, Reference Check, & Drug Test on many of our Nannies.

  • We get to know our Nannies: likes/dislikes, personalities, & professional specialties.

  • When a Nanny is welcomed into our Kingdom, we mail her a Princess Pack! Within that Pack she will find her Nanny-Land uniform & helpful tools for her upcoming Adventures with Families like you!

Registering Your Family

To add yourself to our Royal Registry, you will need to take the following steps:


  • If you need assistance or questions answered, email us or download the App "Telegram Messenger" & search the name @NannyLand (no hyphen). Message us there 24/7 for VIP one on one service from a Placement Princess.

  • If you would like to get your Charming Nanny booked ASAP, simply request our Family Contract & we will send that right away to get your Nanny booked.

  • Once you fill out your forms, we will match you with a Magical Nanny that meets your needs. We will send you her Princess Portfolio which consists of her Resume, Bio, past Adventures, certifications, & more!

  • You are then welcome to speak to your Nanny directly within the above mentioned Telegram App.

  • We ask that you give us a 48 hour notice when booking your Nanny, but if a last minute Nanny is needed, please email us & we will search our Kingdom to try to meet your needs.

Please take a moment to explore this Website & all we offer. Check out our FAQ page for some of our most frequently asked questions & email us today to get you started on your Magical Adventure!