Who are The Knight Nannies?

At Nanny-Land, we offer Specialty Nannies called "The Knight Nannies"!

These Education focused Nannies visit your Family at your Hotel or Vacation Resort along with a creative Theme to conduct with your children! Our Themes are entertaining, educational, creative, & just plain fun!

Our Nannies will bring their Magical Bags full of all supplies needed to work the Theme with your *children. The best part about our Themes are, they require only 100% recycled household items & a great imagination! That's it!

See below for samples of these Creative & Magical Themed Evenings: 

(Knight Nannies are $35/hr for a 6 hour min)

*Ideal ages for a Knight Nanny: 3-9

Sample Themes:

"Never Wanna Grow Up!"

Arrrg! We are Pirates for the evening & with the help of The Lost Boys, we will find Captain Hook's Treasure! We will learn where the Caribbean is & make our own Jolly Roger to fly it high! We also learn about good manners vs. bad ones & if we misbehave, we walk the plank!!! Another fun thing we do is we make a fun art project that we then burry it on property for the adults to find that evening when they return using the treasure map we made them! We also make “waves” in the “ocean” using the sheets off our beds. A simple paper towel roll makes the best telescope so we can watch for rival Pirates while we sail the seven seas! We name our own Pirate Parrot, & we learn about “fighting friendly”. And just for giggles, we don’t brush our teeth that day ‘cause Pirates don’t do that!!! AARRGGGG!!! (Ha!) We will find Tink's Fairy dust as well as Peter's Red Feather while we search for Tick Tock the Crock. Learning about positive affirmations while thinking 'Happy Thoughts' to fly high to Never~Never~Land! Then to the second star & straight on 'till morning!


"A Posh Princess Slumber Party!"

The perfect Theme for the Perfect Princess loving child! The event will begin with mani/pedis & fun in-Hotel pampering! Putting on a fashion show & braiding our hair are also part of the Theme. Your child will learn about self love & self esteem as well as Proper Princess etiquette like table manners! Walking on our tip toes, pretending to wear high heels & learning to wave like a Princess are also some fun activities. We will make our very own Crown & brush our lonnnngggg 'Tangled' hair! Your Knight Nanny will stick a green pea under the mattress like the Princess 'N the Pea & we will even kiss a Frog to try to turn him into a Prince! The focus of this theem is self esteem, being kind to others, & appreciating others differences. 

"A Tropical Island Luau!"

This Moana inspired Theme will take your child on an Island Adventure! Sipping tropical drinks, making a flower lei, & singing island songs are a few of the fun events! Learning how to Hula Dance & walk on 'Fire' (pretend fire of course!) are some fun activities! We will discuss the names of the seven seas & popular island traditions. Your child will learn words in different languages from various Pacific Islands & a game of limbo will top off the evening! 

Email us for more details on our Magical Themes!


“When children pretend, they're using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a super hero.