“Where There Is Kindness, There is Goodness...

& Where There Is Goodness, There Is Magic”





In the Kingdom of Nanny-Land we like to give back. Our way of doing this is to help Families in need experience the Magical World of Disney! The unfortunate fact is, many Families find a Disney trip to be near impossible without help.

Nanny-land will be opening The Fairy Godmother Fund in 2022 to help those Families in need! Do you know a single Parent household who would love to meet Mickey? Are you friends with a Princess loving Family with a terminal illness? Do you have a neighbor who loves all things Disney but was just laid off of work? Keep these wonderful Families in mind, because we look forward to granting their wishes soon!

Nanny-Land plans to take 5% of all profits & deposit them into The Fairy Godmother Fund. In addition to that, we will be holding Charitable Fundraisers to help The Fairy Godmother’s Pocket Purse grow! Then, beginning in 2022, our goal is to send a Nanny-Land Grant to a deserving Family to be used during their Disney Adventure Dreams! This Grant will offer them a Nanny-Land Gold Crown Nanny for up to 5 full days (8 hours each day) at a Disney location to help with their child(ren) on their Disney Adventure!

We will be sending a new Family a Nanny-Land Grant to go towards a Disney Adventure every year thereafter!


We will post more information about how to apply for this Grant in Fall of 2021.

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